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Connect-WFAController started failing ( WFA )

Credentials were double checked working and valid. But the use of Connect-WFAController on 7mode equipment throws the following error 100% of the time:


Log messages:

Get-WfaCredentials -Host

Credentials successfully provided for ''         ( and double checked!! )

Connect-NaController ( with credentials ) -name -Timeout 60000 -ErrorAction Stop -HTTPS

ERROR Failed to connect to controller :

ERROR Failed executing command. Exception : failed to connected to controller :  



Tried a POSH script importing the OnTap WFA module in the WFA server and the Connect-NaController command worked!


Therefore I believe the problem is within WFA, it started happening on Friday on all the 7mode controllers. Any thoughts ?


Thanks in advance!!


Re: Connect-WFAController started failing ( WFA )

"workflow fails to connect to a 7-Mode filer after MS KB’s were applied to the Host OS"


A similar issue was observed recently by another customer. Just wanted to know if any MS KB's were applied

and post that if you are seeing this issue.




Re: Connect-WFAController started failing ( WFA )

Re: Connect-WFAController started failing ( WFA )



Have you been able to resolve this??



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