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Connecting netapp-harvest to svm only.


Im wondering if we can have netapp-harvest only poll a single SVM?


I've created a management interface to the SVM and and a user in the same SVM. Added the roles I could to it. Although I could not add all since they're not all available at the svm level. IE "cluster show" and such. 


I am able to login to the interface via ssh and run some statistic commands.


Seems to fail on this:

 [WARNING] [sysinfo] Update of system-info cache Cluster identity failed with reason: Unable to find API: cluster-identity-get
[WARNING] [main] system-info update failed; will try again in 10 seconds.




Re: Connecting netapp-harvest to svm only.

@gez Are you still looking for the solution?

Re: Connecting netapp-harvest to svm only.

Not really, but I would be curious though if it is possible though.

We did kinda solve what we needed to do by replicating only the metrics for a certain svm from the grafana server to a different one.

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Re: Connecting netapp-harvest to svm only.

@gez Thanks for the response, I will see if i can get an answer for you, meanwhile i am closing this thred by marking your response as accepted solution.

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