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Corelating luns to systems

We have multiple NetApps in our data center of various models. My team is responsible for applications that use the luns provided to UNIX and Windows servers.

A question that comes up from time to time when NetApp outages are required for upgrades to the heads or to upgrade OnTap relates to identifying which servers are using which luns. On Windows there are tools such as SANSurfer that help but I would like to know if there are some fairly simple commands that can be issued on the NetApp to identify which system is using a particular lun.

I would also be interested in any direction somebody could provide in identifying courses available in the US that would relate NetApp best practices to database use on luns or NFS file systems.


Peter Toile

System and DB Admin


Re: Corelating luns to systems

Unfortunately once the LUN is created you can only check which igroups the LUN is mapped to and therefore which hosts can mount the LUN. You could add a comment to each LUN using the `lun comment` command, syntax as follows:

lun comment lun_path [ comment ]

Another way to keep track for future LUNs would be to include the hostname or clustername in the volume or qtree name, that way the output of `lun show` would show quite clearly which hosts would mount which LUNs.

With regard to training, there is some excellent documentation in the NetApp Tech Library which may well cover the information you require:


Corelating luns to systems

To add to this if you have DFM you should be able to find out what HBA sits in which igroup that accesses which LUN.

Its a bit tedious but its free. I think SanScreen would maybe help you better but that is not a free product.



Corelating luns to systems

Yep, SANscreen will build paths from hosts to both FC/FCoE and iSCSI luns on NetApp.

Check out the KB!
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