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Create share and set ACL if share has $


I have work flow to create a share and then set and ACL on the share.

The work flow works preview ok if I set the share name as "share" but if I set it as "share$" I get the following error

Workflow aborted.

No results were found. The following filters have returned empty results:

Filter CIFS share by array, vfiler0 and share name

At command 'Set CIFS share ACL', tab 'Cifs_Share_Acl', variable 'Apply_ACL_Full', property 'cifs_share'

I guess that it cant pass my user input for the share name when it has a $ at the end.

Is there away of quoting or escaping the $, I cant find how to do it?



Re: Create share and set ACL if share has $


Hi Dan.

First of all, try to apply the $ sign in the CIFS share name when created in share_name like that: + '$'

Then, in the property cifs_share, you only need to tell it to use the object name used in "Define CIFS Share".

i.e: if in create CIFS share, the object of the command is named "cifs_share1", then in 'cifs_share' property in the create ACL on share command, write:   cifs_share1

It will take the share created with $ sign in the create share command.

I attached two screenshots of Create CIFS share (with $) and assign ACL to it as an image.



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Re: Create share and set ACL if share has $


Hi Solal,

Works a treat.


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