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Create suid export-policy rule

   I am trying to create a cDOT export-policy rule that has 'allow-suid' set to true.

   The "Create export rule" does not have a reference to the allow-suid flag

   I created a new command and extended the command code to include it:


Added the parameter:

   [parameter(Mandatory=$true,HelpMessage="Allow SUID")]


I added it to the expression:

... -ReadWriteSecurityFlavor" + $RwRule + " -allow-suid " + $Suid

That threw an error on unknown element

Created a new definition called SZ_Export_SUID_Rule and added a line with allow-suid

Changed the parameter in the command to reference that new definition and still get the errors.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for the help.



Re: Create suid export-policy rule

When are you getting this error?

Did you do a Discover Paramaters after you added the new parameters to the command?



Re: Create suid export-policy rule


     WFA commands user cDOT Powershell Tookit cmdlets and not cDOT CLI commands. So for this export-rule create command, the cmdlet New-NcExportRule doesn't have any -allow-suid parameter. It uses a switch -EnableSetUid

So you can do the following:

## begin###

[parameter(Mandatory=$true,HelpMessage="Allow SUID true/false")]




  $expression = "New-NcExportRule -ErrorAction Stop -VserverContext " + $VserverName + " -Policy " + $PolicyName + " -ClientMatch " + $ClientMatch + " -ReadOnlySecurityFlavor " + $RoRule + " -ReadWriteSecurityFlavor " + $RwRule + " -EnableSetUid"


else {

  $expression = "New-NcExportRule -ErrorAction Stop -VserverContext " + $VserverName + " -Policy " + $PolicyName + " -ClientMatch " + $ClientMatch + " -ReadOnlySecurityFlavor " + $RoRule + " -ReadWriteSecurityFlavor " + $RwRule + " -DisableSetUid"


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Re: Create suid export-policy rule

Sinhaa -

    Very helpful.  I will take a look at that toolkit for future reference.  Thanks much!



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