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Customizing OCUM reports

Hi all,


I have run the canned Aggregate and Capacity Utilization report in OCUM 6.3. I would like to see the amount of overcommitted capacity in GB and not percentage. I am trying to create a new column to calculate this but it is not very intuitive. If I put a column name from either the report or the "Aggregates" tab, it tells me it's not valid.


Any clues on how to do this? Please don't tell me I need to use BIRT. It's for my customer and he won't like that answer.




Re: Customizing OCUM reports

I'm not sure if you are still looking for a response to this, but I've been looking into the custom reports today for a customer I am working with and I've edited the aggregate report and replaced the overcommited capacity percentage column with a committed capacity column.


Note that you'll need to change the file extension back to rptdesign as I cannot attach the original file.


I hope this helps.





Re: Customizing OCUM reports

Hi Warren,


Thanks for this. I haven't tried it yet but how did you edit the aggr report? This is the default report from OCUM that you changed?



Re: Customizing OCUM reports

Hi Frank,


It is a bit farcial really, but if you enter the diagnositc shell in OCUM then you can access the reports as they are stored in the filesystem. I took it out and tweaked it with that Eclipse tool.


The alternative, which I tried first, is to reverse engineer the over-commited value using an advanced computed column within OCUM. A lot simpler, but it will only give you over-committment, not actual committment.



Re: Customizing OCUM reports

Ah, ok. Just wanted to make sure i didn't miss some way to export the report source. Thanks again.

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