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DB cache for deleted objects

I use a workflow for deleting some volumes, selected from user input query.

Juste afte deletion if I run again my workflow the deleted volume object is still in listbox. Is this object not supposed to be deleted from DB after remove volume command?

Or there is something wrong in the user input query below .



    storage.array AS array,

    storage.volume AS volume


    volume.array_id =

    AND LIKE '%${mySystem}%'

    AND = '${MyArray}'



Re: DB cache for deleted objects

HI Francois,

The db will still have the entries because wfa db is populated on DFM acquisition. Your volumes will be deleted from ONTAP through the workflow. DFM will have to monitor the filer in the next monitoring cycle and mark them as deleted from DFM. WFA will delete the db entries only in the subsequent acquisition cycles when it runs DFM queries and realizes that the entries from DFM are deleted.


WFA acts on ONTAP directly, this step has no connection with the db

WFA db gets data from DFM db which in turn waits for monitoring cycles to be completed and mark the ONTAP object deleted.


Re: DB cache for deleted objects

Hi Francois,

Deleted objects appear in the reservation cache (same as newly created objects).

In 2.0 the cache was not reflected in user inputs. We are working on merging that cache into the user input queries for the next release.



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