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DFM 3.8 - qtree comments, filer comments (reports)

I came across qtree comments, filer comments reports and realised they can be filled out by "edit settings"

However, is there some way to configure it ? it would be logical if

1) if a Datacenter and location is identified for a filer (parent) , it applies to its qtrees (child)

2) if applications are mapped to qtrees, they roll back to the parent to list every application on that filer..

would appreciate some input...and see if there is some way this can be achieved through combination

of DFM and scripting ?




Re: DFM 3.8 - qtree comments, filer comments (reports)

Comment fields don't automatically trickle up or down, but it should be fairly simple to achieve what you want with some scripting. Here, for example, is how you would move comment field values from a filer to a qtree, using awk:

[root@trinity ~]# fComment=$(dfm comment list -q alexander | awk  '/foo:/{print $2}');for i in `dfm qtree list -q alexander | awk '{print $1}'`; do
> dfm comment set $i foo=$fComment;
> done
Set value for comment field 'foo' to 'bar' for qtree alexander:/demo_ds/demo-vol (21504).
Set value for comment field 'foo' to 'bar' for qtree alexander:/dev_ds/dev_ds_online (11283).

Here 'alexander' is the name of the filer and 'foo' is the name of the comment field.

And here's an example for the reverse - I used aggregates because I have a lot of qtrees:

[root@trinity ~]# for i in `dfm aggr list -q alexander | awk '{print $1}'`; do
> cComment=$(dfm comment list -q $i | awk  '/foo:/{print $2}');
> pComment=$pComment,$cComment
> done; dfm comment set alexander foo=$pComment
Set value for comment field 'foo' to ',foo1,foo2,foo3' for host (103).


Re: DFM 3.8 - qtree comments, filer comments (reports)

Thanks for the response.

Once all the comment fields are filled out. For filers, volumes and qtrees.

Is it possible to collect stats based on any field in the comments ? like DC or application or business unit or location etc..

for example

  For Datacenter "ABC", tell me every qtree associated with application "X" and its growth rate and utilisation

Would that be something which need to be done manually or setup in such a way, that i can

click a link and get the report ? (once setup)



Re: DFM 3.8 - qtree comments, filer comments (reports)

Here's how you can get similar information using the database views:

dfm database query run "select vov.objName, vv.* from volumeView vv, objectView vov, objectView fov, objCommentView vcv, objcommentview fcv, commentnamesview anv, commentnamesview dnv where vv.volId = vov.objId and vov.objId = vcv.objCommentobjId and vcv.objcommentNameId = anv.commentNameid and anv.commentname='Application' and vcv.objComment='Exchange' and vv.volHostId = fov.objId and fov.objId = fcv.objCommentObjId and fcv.objcommentNameId = dnv.commentNameId and dnv.commentName = 'Datacenter' and fcv.objComment='Timbuktu'"

This gives volume information for all 'Exchange' volumes in Timbuktu. The values of the comment fields (Timbuktu Datacenter for a filer, and Exchange Application for a few volumes in it) were set earlier using the "dfm comment set" commands.

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