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DFM 4.0 - Provisioning RDM and VMFS LUNs for the same host

Hi all

I have a vSphere 4.1 cluster which needs RDM and VMFS LUNs presented to it over FCP. The RDM LUNs will be presented to Windows Server 2008 R2 virtual machines and the VMFS LUNs will be used to host VMDK disks. I have created a "Windows 2008" type dataset in Provisioning Manager 4.0 to host the RDM LUNs. Now I'm not sure how to add "vmware" style LUNs to the same hosts. If I add the storage to the existing dataset it will be created as "Windows_2008" style and if I try to create a new "vmware" dataset it will not let me add the existing WWPNs because they have the wrong OS type.

How can I achieve the required outcome?



Re: DFM 4.0 - Provisioning RDM and VMFS LUNs for the same host

Hi all

In case you ever need to do this, the solution for me was to manually edit the igroup setting for the dataset using the ONTAP command line.

igroup set -f dfpm_DATASETNAME ostype vmware

Because the hosts (WWNs) were members of multiple igroups in my case I got an error when I tried this:

os type change conflict found with group

I had to remove the hosts from all igroups except one, then run the igroup set -f change for each igroup, and add the hosts back in. So it may require a host or VM outage depending on your configuration.

Hope this helps.

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