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DFM (7mode) DB data schema

I inherited a scripts that retrieves some data directly from DFM DB. I have to modify some of its SQL queries but I am not familiar with DFM DB data schema. Where can I find descriptions of views? (I do not have access to DFM per se - I can only run DB queries.)


Re: DFM (7mode) DB data schema

If you can work with someone in your company that is an administrator (local or domain for Windows) or root (Linux) on the UM server (you didn't list a version or host OS), then you can ask them to query (via CLI) the syscatalog for the views.  UM 5.2.2 Views all end in the string 'View' and are owned by the DFMGROUP.  Once you have a list, you should be able to query contents (per your post), but if not, then the same person/people that provided the list from the UM servers should be able to run a query against the view names and provide the view details.



Re: DFM (7mode) DB data schema

Alternatively, if you can't get hold of anybody, just open the OCUM web UI login screen and click on "help".

You don't need to login, just goto "https://<OCUM-ip or hostname>:8443"


The DB Schema is documented in the online help under "Reports --> Database Schema"




regards, Niels


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