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DFM DB table access

we have DFM server version 5.0.2 installed and I am looking for accessing DB tables. are there any restrictions that I can access certain tables?


Re: DFM DB table access

You cannot directly access the database tables, however you can access the data via the built-in views.

You can find a list of the available views in the MAN pages on your UM server under the topic "Relationship among fields of various database views".

Related information:

TR-3690: Access to DataFabric Manager and Performance Advisor Data Using Database Access and Data Export.


Re: DFM DB table access

Hi  Patel,

           You cant access the dfm tables, but you can access the built in views as kevin said.

The documentation for Views are in two places.

  1. Operations Manager Console> Help >General Help> Database Schema
  2. OnCommand Console>Help > Online Help> Reports > Views

Also you will have a to create a database user and enable the user both via dfm database user create and dfm database access enable -u <user-name-or-id>

You can find more details on the db views and how to access information in the TR that kevin mentioned above.

BTW UM 5.2 has few more view compared to version 5.0.2



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