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DFM Integration with Nova-volume

Hi to all, im in the middle of a Cloud implementation with OpenStack and NetApp, i´ve configured the DFM Server and now i want to use the nova-volume with the NetApp storage. I´ve setup the nova-volume in the following way:

--netapp_login=<account for the DFM Server>
--netapp_password=<password for the DFM Server>
--netapp_server_hostname=<IP of the DFM Server>

We put the SDK file (dfm-5.0.wsdl) from the DFM Server into a server with Apache.

But i don´t know what to put on the "netapp_storage_service", anyone could give me a hand or know what to put in here?

Thanks in advance!


Re: DFM Integration with Nova-volume

Hi German,

We are just doing Openstack proof of concept in our test environment. Nova-volume on Netapp is almost last part, which we need to test. Were you able to successfully implement it?

Thanks in advance.

Re: DFM Integration with Nova-volume


so, we were able to sort it out. Wsdl file from SDK doesn't work. You have to take file from OnCommand installation directory /opt/NTAPdfm/misc/dfm.wsdl. Then you have to create Resource pool, provisioning policy and Storage service in Netapp management console a use its name in netapp_storage_service parameter.

You can find detailed description on my blog

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Re: DFM Integration with Nova-volume


   Yes we could make it work, we create inside the DFM server a StorageService policy and associate a ResourcePool and a Provisioning Policy, then you configure the nova.conf file with the parameters and restart the service and got it, up and running. Now i'm getting another big issue haha, and the thing is that we are going to migrate all the data on the storage array that we got OpenStack running, so we need an effective an securely way to migrate all the OpenStack LUNs and then get it work into another storage, anyone address this kind of thing? I'll really appreciate the help with this.

Thanks in advance,

Best regards to all,


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