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DFM Purge Tool Crashes

I am trying to run the DFM Purge Tool, 64-bit version for OCUM 5.1 on a 64-bit Windows 2008 server.  Each time I run a command, I get the error "DFM Database Purge Utility has stopped working".  The only option in the dialog is to close the program.  I ran the 32-bit version again Ops Manager 4 about 6 months ago before we upgraded to 5.1 on this new server just fine.  Any ideas?


Re: DFM Purge Tool Crashes

Well, I found a solution on my own and thought I would post in case anyone is searching for this.  You have to put the exe in the BIN directory of DFM in order for it to work properly.

Re: DFM Purge Tool Crashes


The purge tool user guides states to place it in the bin directory on Linux but not on Windows. 

We will investigate this behavior and make appropriate changes.



Re: DFM Purge Tool Crashes

Thanks kryan!

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