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DFM reports


I'm looking for ideas on how to make reports generated in DFM viewable to folks that don't have DFM access.  I know it can email the reports to people, but to some of those asking for the data, well, walking them through opening the zip file, saving the html files (needed so they can see the graphs), and then opening said html pages in a web browser is a bit more work than they want to put into it.

It would be great to have either a way to make DFM save the html report off to a web root somewhere, or have some account the email could be sent to that would post-process the email, unpacking the zip file and saving the contents to a dir.

Anyone messed with this?


Re: DFM reports


When you schedule automatic report generation,a copy of the report is saved in <DFM_ROOT>/reports directory. This directory is not managed (AFAIK) so you may need to manually manage its contents and size. The file names are not descriptive (765_4_2009_3_4_15_19_30.html as an example) so you may need to parse the files to figure out what you are looking for.

Sending the email to a user and parsing the output is also workable solution, but getting the reports from the above approach is probably the easiest way to do this.

As always comments welcome..


Re: DFM reports

Thanks Jesse.

I've messed with this for a while now, but it turns out the html reports stored in that dir are a bit more 'dynamic' than the ones that are emailed out in a zip file.  They contain links to all kinds of dfm scripts and such so that you can change the view of the graphs from 1 day, to 1 week, etc.

Configuring a second web server to work with this has been a bit harrowing to say the least.

It would be better to find a way to work with the static info sent out in the email (no direct dependencies on dfm) if at all possible.