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DWH error

Hi I got a problem with a brand new DWH install.

The problem is :

when i call it on the servername:http://<Server fqn>:8080/reporting/ i can not get acess the DWH( eitheer form local or from remote computer).

But if u use

http://localhost:8080/reporting/ it works. but only for the local server .

What could be te problem.




Re: DWH error

I don't know enough to fix this right off the bat.  Here's what I would look for to better understand the issue. 

Make sure the DWH is listening on all IP addresses.  Run "netstat -ano" and see what process is listening on TCP/8080 on each IP. 

Try just hitting http://<FQDN>:8080/.  I haven't needed to append the reporting/ directory in the past.  Also, try it with a non-IE browser.  Firefox will often provide a more informative error message. 

There are other things to look at too, but that should get you started. 


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Re: DWH error

Hi This is the only ting i can finde runing netstat -ano

TCP               LISTENING       4684

the process i Tomcat.



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