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Different User Levels in System Manager


We are deploying a new setup which has several users managing the NetApp and they would like to have different levels of users for System Manager e.g.

- Main administrator     Full access - similar to root

- Power users             Some access eg create or resize volumes but NOT change configs such as Network, etc

The same access level should apply for System Manager, CLI and FilerView (for those still on Filerview)

It seems difficult to implement by creating different user roles and assign which commands they are entitled to. Is there any guide on how to create this, or what is required to achieve this?




Re: Different User Levels in System Manager

You are right, it is complicated. One can do this with the roles, users, groups completely on the CLI. Or do the roles on the CLI and then users and groups in System Manager.

Someone has developed an additional tool that might come in handy for you, give it a try:

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