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Discovering Isilon storage


I have a set of Isilon clusters that I would like to add to OCI.  After adding a cluster as a data source, I received this error message:

       "Inconsistent data retrieved: Cluster name is not set"    

I tried to search KB for a clue, but I didn't see a current article.  What does this mean?  And how can I remedy it?

Thank you!


Re: Discovering Isilon storage

If you can right click the datasource -> create support report , and send the resulting zip to ostiguy at netapp dot com, I could take a look


Re: Discovering Isilon storage

The issue here was credentials - unfortunately, OCI needs root access to the Isilon to be able to understand the physical to logical interlationships on Isilon.

This requirement will be documented in the next Data Source support matrix

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Check out the KB!
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