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Display information during Workflow



I have the following question:
I have a workflow to add clients to an export rule. In the command I check with an nslookup if the clients exist and then it only adds existing clients to the rule.

Now I want, that it displays an information while executing, if one of the clients doesn't exist.

The only way I found to display a message while executing the workflow is through an error.

Is there any other way to do it? I want the workflow to run successfully, even if one client doesn't exist.

I'm running WFA 4.0 on Linux.

Thanks for the help





Re: Display information during Workflow

Warning, I'm more of a powershell guy than Perl. However, checkout the "Initialize or Update Storage Virtual Machine SnapMirror" command. They have an example in there on how to post to the log, and just use the info flag instead of warning.


my $wfa_util = WFAUtil->new();
$wfa_util->sendLog('INFO', 'Connecting to cluster: ' . $DestinationCluster);

Re: Display information during Workflow


Simon -


For Powershell you can use the Get-WFALogger cmdlet ...


I hope this response has been helpful to you.


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Re: Display information during Workflow

You could log from commands as shown in examples below.


In Powershell 


Get-WFALogger -Info -message "Creating volume"

 In Perl 

my wfa_util = WFAUtil->new();
eval {
$wfa_util->sendLog('INFO', "Connecting to the
cluster: $DestinationCluster");


These messages are visible by clicking on the (i) icon on each step. These messages are also available through REST api



Re: Display information during Workflow



You can also set the "Advanced" option on the workflow command to continue at the next step in the workflow on an error.  This way you can throw the Error to the WFA screen, and the workflow will continue.  Before this feature was available I used a command to throw the error at the end of the workflow and made the text say WARNING.  So I think you have multiple options for this.  Take a look at the advanced tab.  You may want to ensure that your checks are in there own command, so that you can stop the workflow on a legitimate error as well.



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Re: Display information during Workflow

Ahh I didn't know that you can see the messages there, thank you!

I'll check which is the most convenient option.




Re: Display information during Workflow


I also thought about throwing an error at the end, but thought it was too complicated for such a simple task.

I didn't think about the option to continue after an error though.

Thank you for your help,

I'll check which is the most convenient option.




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