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Does DFM export output anything from FSRM?

I did an export on a DFM server (linux) on a server with the FSRM license.  When I look through all the views exported none of them seem to be have anything to do with FSRM. The database does have several agents and srm-paths defined on which data has been collected and I can see/generate FSRM reports as I'd expect.

I believe I can get most of the information out into csv files by using DFM reporting features and outputting to a spreadhsheet. However, I just want to make sure I'm not missing something when as I look at the exported view/csv files as that would be the preferred method to get at the data..


Re: Does DFM export output anything from FSRM?


Database views are not yet available for FSRM. So is the reason for ‘DFM Export’ not showing them.

Did you can try custom reports in FSRM?

Can you let us know what exactly are you looking for in FSRM?



Re: Does DFM export output anything from FSRM?

Thanks Prasad. The reason I was asking the question was in preparation for an upcoming engagement with a client where we will be using FSRM to look at some existing data. In the event that for some reason we need to look at the data sorted or formatted differently than the standard reports provide I was just trying to anticipate my options for getting the data into other tools. Even without 'dfm data export' support, it appears I can get any of the srm reports to output to many formats (hmtl, csv, etc) so I think I have roughly the same thing I'd have with export anyway.