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Drive letter or mount point of volume or Device

I am new to the NetApp community and new to the Microsoft iSCSI initiator.  I cannot figure out how to add volumes to my server.  The first volume was easy, in the iSCSI initiator I simply clicked the Bind All button and the only volume I had configured was there with some cryptic name.  Now when I click Bind All again, no new volumes show up, though I have created many, and even if they did I am not sure I would be able to identify them by their cryptic name.

So please tell me there is an easy way to identify the mount point of the volumes that I have created so I can just click the Add button under the Bound Volumes/Devices tab of the Microsoft iSCSI initiator.  Else direct me to some step by step documentation which I have been unable to find.  I even took the DataOntap 7.2 course thinking there would be some answers there and nothing.


Patrick Boren


Re: Drive letter or mount point of volume or Device

Hi Patrick

Check the below link for a step-by-step guide to assigning LUNs to iSCSI initiators.

Hope this Helps !

Re: Drive letter or mount point of volume or Device


Shukria mera dost, leken solution kuch ne mili.  Meaning I have already created a connection from my server to connect to the first volume I created on the NetApp SAN, then when I add new volumes on the NetApp SAN, and now I want to connect to those volumes and my Discovery Tab and Target tab goes unchanged, so the only tab I have left with any thing to do is the Bound Volumes/Devices tab and the two options are "Add" and "Bind All".  When I click "Bind All" nothing happens.  When I click "Add" it asks for "Drive letter or mount point of volume or Device", my dilemma is that I don't know what syntax it is looking for.  Do I give it the IP address of the NetApp SAN?  Do I give it the \vol1\fileshare path to the volume on the NetApp SAN?  Is there a syntax to follow?