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Enterprise Perf Monitoring and NaBox

Guys, new to NaBox but its awesome! Dashboards are beautiful and informative. That said, our mgmt. are wondering why this functionality is not in OCUM and now in an unsupported framework i.e. granular perf dashboards were available in DFM but not in OCUM . Is there any roadmap t bring NaBox functionality into a supported product ?

Re: Enterprise Perf Monitoring and NaBox

I would be surprised if that happened unfortunately - As I understand it, NABox is not a NetApp utility - it is a virtual appliance made and released by some people who happen to work at NetApp, and NetApp grants them the use of these forums for communication with users, as well as permitting them to bundle NetApp's Harvest plugin (which the same people wrote..) with it.


Internally, it heavily relies upon opensource frameworks like Graphite and Graphana, making it difficult for NetApp to distribute itself, and in general, if it isn't distributed by NetApp, it won't be supported by NetApp.

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Re: Enterprise Perf Monitoring and NaBox

So with NetAPp storage, how does one visualize on CPU usage for the last 6 hrs or volume growth?

Re: Enterprise Perf Monitoring and NaBox

Is OnCommand Insight an option?


Re: Enterprise Perf Monitoring and NaBox

Yes, you can using OnCommand Insight or OnCommand Unifed manager(is Free, all performance can be visualize, volume growth only by 1 week, 1month, 1 year, but it can be alert the growth abnormal)

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