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Equivalent PowerShell Cmdlet for fsecurity

Hi All, I am looking for equivalent powershell cmdlet in NetApp powershell toolkit for "fsecurity" which will be helpful in getting file level permissions/ DACL of a share path/directory. If anybody used Get-ncfiledirectoryntfsdacl cmdlet before,  please let me know the usage 


Re: Equivalent PowerShell Cmdlet for fsecurity



A simple way to search the PowerShell CmdLets in the DataONTAP toolkit is to use the "Get-NcCommand" CmdLet with the "-Api" parameter (wildcards supported). EG:


PS C:\> Import-Module DataONTAP
PS C:\> Get-NcCommand -Api *security*

What's your objective with WFA? Creating a report of NTFS permissions based on a CIFS Share?



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