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Error on creating a workflow

Hi All,

I am trying to create a sample workflow using CMode.  When I run the preview here is the error I get:

Error registering variable vServerName reference: root_volume should be a ContextNode instance

Failed to resolve a mandatory parameter: 'vServerName' for command: 'CreateVserver' using value: '' in row: 1

Failed to evaluate find-chart: 'FC-1' to resolve variable: 'vServerName'

Can somebody explain what I am doing wrong?  Also are there any CMODE sample  workflows?

Thanks in advance



Re: Error on creating a workflow

Hi Ajit,

I believe we corresponded offline about this very same issue.  The WFA 1.1 install comes with a couple of c-mode examples workflows and has correctly configured the Find Charts.  What exactly are you looking for that these don't help you with?  Again, for the Parameters identified as Reference Variables, it is NOT possible to provide a constant.  It is necessary to use a Finder to locate a variable (in your case a vServer) and then be able to use that Reference attribute in your Find Chart.  In the example you provided offline, I did not see any place where you were leveraging Finders in your Find Charts.  We would like to help you with your issue, so please feel free to contact me again so we can discuss this further.

Also, just for reference, to aid in troubleshooting, it is very useful to "see" what it is you are doing.  The "easiest" way to do this is to generate and attach an ASUP.  This way we see your workflow and logs.  To generate an ASUP do the following:

  • Click on 'Tools' in the upper left corner
  • Click on 'WFA Configuration'
  • You should already be on the 'ASUP' tab, so put a check in the 'Enable ASUP' checkbox
  • On 'Actions' at the bottom of the tab, click on 'Download'
  • This will generate a *.7z file.  Save the file somewhere on your deskdop / directory of your choice
  • Attach the file to posts like this or email as necessary.

Hope this helps,