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Error when cloning WFA command

I am new to WFA scripts so bear with me. I'm trying to create a volume creation workflow and need to customize the cdot version of the "Create volume" command. When I click 'clone', I get the error shown below. This happens before I edit any code - all I do is click "Clone", type a new name, Save - and the error comes up. Any ideas?



Validation of the reservation failed for the command : org.hibernate.exception.SQLGrammarException: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'INTO
NULL AS id, AS vserv' at line 4
Query is:
sql : 'CREATE PROCEDURE wfa.reservation_dummy_68e6ef78_87c5_4082_8067_9280bb0decf1(AQOSPolicyGroupName varchar(255),AggregateList varchar(255),AggregateListMultiplier int,AggregateName varchar(255),AntivirusOnAccessPolicy varchar(255),AutoDeleteOptions varchar(255),AutosizeIncrementSize bigint,AutosizeMaxSize bigint,AutosizeMode varchar(255),Cluster varchar(255),Compression varchar(255),Deduplication BOOL,EfficiencyPolicy varchar(255),EncryptVolume BOOL,ExportPolicy varchar(255),ExtendedVolum...
COMMENT 'cm_storage.EBSCO - Create volume'
# Create a new volume INSERT...



Re: Error when cloning WFA command

Forgot to mention versions:

OnCommand Workflow Automation: 4.2

Cdot WFA Pack: 1.4.2

Data OnTAP PowerShell Toolkit: 4.5 P1

MySQL: 5.7.21

Re: Error when cloning WFA command

Problem solved. I upgraded to the new cdot 1.5.0 pack and was able to clone "Create Volume" successfully.

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