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Error when requesting clusters in DFM 5.0.2

Hi all,


I  have two DFM servers - 5.2 and 5.02. They both monitor ONTAP 7-mode simulator filers.

When I use API call -  <host-list-info-iter-start><host-types><host-type>cluster</host-type></host-types></host-list-info-iter-start>

to get all the list of cluster resources (I know there are no clusters in 7-mode, but I am going to use this for cluster-mode also) I suppose to get empty list.

With DFM 5.2 I do get empty list without any error, but in 5.0.2 I get an exception - host-list-info-iter-start: Invalid input for host type. (errno=22265)

I face the same problem when I use host type vserver instead of cluster.


My first impression was that in 5.0.2 host types cluster and vserver are not supported, but surprisingly enough they are supported according to documentation:



Element definition: host-type [top]

Type of host. Possible values are: filer, vfiler, cluster, vserver, agent, ossv, and switch.


What's wrong here?


Thanks for any help,


Check out the KB!
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