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FAS2050 setup

I was able to set the FAS2050 to factory defaults but have no username or login password.  Also how hard is it to load an OS on this?

Any help would be appreciated,

Thank you



Re: FAS2050 setup

Hello Al,

The default user is "root", but there's no deafult password for NetApp filers, they ask you to setup up a password the first time you boot them. Since this is an old controller I assume someone ran the initial setup already, so if you need to change the root password you have to access the special boot menu before Data ONTAP boots up.

To upgrade Data ONTAP to it's latest release is not that hard, but you need to be sure everything is compatible. Everything is documented on, you need client or partner access to view the documentation and download the software.


Re: FAS2050 setup

Well I was told we could install Windows Server 2008 R2 on this system.   I dont even see a cd-rom or dvd-rom on here.

How is the OS loaded on this?

Re: FAS2050 setup

I don't think such thing is possible, but if it is, the only way I can think it might work (wild guess) is pre-installing Windows on the Compact Flash Card, but as I said, I don't think that's possible.


Re: FAS2050 setup

OS Support:




Mac OS X

Sun Solaris


Windows 2000

Windows Server 2003

Windows XP

Re: FAS2050 setup

Those OSs are supported to connect the filer to, not to install on the filer; two different things. That is a storage device, not a server.


Re: FAS2050 setup

So how would i go about connecting this to one of my servers?

Right now if I boot it up its at the Loader prompt.

Re: FAS2050 setup

Type boot_ontap, that's the command to boot the operating system (Data ONTAP), you will need check if it has licenses installed, type license when Data ONTAP is up and running.

You still have to do a lot of research on how to manage a NetApp filer, it is not difficult to manage, but is not something that you can make a brief on a forum post, look for a local NetApp partner to give you a hand.


Re: FAS2050 setup


Still not having much luck upgrading the OS that's running on this SAN.  Would you be able to assist me with setting an IP on it?



Re: FAS2050 setup

Once you are logged in, just type "setup", it will ask basic configuration options (including IP address).


Re: FAS2050 setup

Well I was able to reset the password and go through the Netapps FAS2050 setup.  I did the setup but for some reason I can not access it through the web interface.

        NetApp Release Thu Sep 17 11:25:55 PDT 2009

        System ID: 0135051871 (qshared); partner ID: 0135052693 ()

        System Serial Number: 70003044 (qshared)

        System Rev: H3

        System Storage Configuration: Single-Path HA

        slot 0: System Board

                Processors:         1

                Memory Size:        1792 MB

        slot 0: Dual 10/100/1000 Ethernet Controller G20

                e0a MAC Address:    00:a0:98:10:d2:d0 (auto-1000t-fd-up)

                e0b MAC Address:    00:a0:98:10:d2:d1 (auto-unknown-down)

        slot 0: Interconnect HBA:   Mellanox IB MT25204

        slot 0: FC Host Adapter 0a

        slot 0: FC Host Adapter 0b

        slot 0: SAS Host Adapter 0c

                20 Disks:            5440.0GB

        slot 0: NetApp ATA/IDE Adapter 0e (0x000001f0)

                0e.0                 245MB

        slot 1: Dual 10/100/1000 Ethernet Controller G20

                e1a MAC Address:    00:15:17:a9:c2:56 (auto-unknown-down)

                e1b MAC Address:    00:15:17:a9:c2:57 (auto-unknown-down)

        Baseboard Management Controller:

                Firmware Version:   1.2

                IPMI version:       2.0

                DHCP:               off

                BMC MAC address:    00:a0:98:10:d2:d2

                IP address:

                IP mask:  

                Gateway IP address:

                BMC ARP interval:   10 seconds

                BMC has (1) user:   naroot

                ASUP enabled:       on

                ASUP mailhost:     

                ASUP from:         

                ASUP recipients:

Re: FAS2050 setup

To access the WI you have to got to http://filer-ip-address/na_admin, or even better, download OnCommand System Manager from the Support Site, you don't need a license for System Manager.


Re: FAS2050 setup

Thanks for all your help since I'm a newbie to netapp.  I'm connecting through the web interface because I cant download the management client since this netapp wasn't purchased through Netapp or a reseller.  It asks me for a serial number of the device to allow me to download any software from Netapp.

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