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FAS2240-2 root aggr change

I just got a new 2240-2 with dual controllers. the Ontap 8.1 setup on them has the 24 disks split evenly between the two controllers. I want to change it so that the secondary only has 4 disks, 2 for DP, 1 data 1 spare. Then add the other disks to controller 1 for all of the primary work. Problem is the OnCommand won't let you change anything on the root, and I'm not sure about the CLI commands to do it from there.

Can anyone help out with this so I can get the storage up and running.

Thanks, Erik


Re: FAS2240-2 root aggr change

To unassign 8 disks from one node and assign them to the other..


priv set advanced

aggr status -s        # choose 8 of the disks

disk remove_ownership -f x.1 x.2 x.3 x.4 x.5 x.6 x.7 x.8


disk assign all

Re: FAS2240-2 root aggr change

Its the root vol and aggr so the controller wouldn't let me do that??

Re: FAS2240-2 root aggr change

Is the root aggr 3 drives or did you add disks to it?  If you left it at 3 drives you will have 9 spares..

aggr status -s will show that... also aggr status -r to see the raid group layout

Re: FAS2240-2 root aggr change

The setup split the shelf 50/50 for the 2 nodes in the very beginning. The root aggr is 11 drives.

Re: FAS2240-2 root aggr change

we can't remove drives from an aggr, so you need to destroy the aggregate... special boot menu then option 4a boot to zero and create a 3 drive root then you will have 9 spare disks... unless you have another disk shelf to move root, then zero the drives with the system up.

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Re: FAS2240-2 root aggr change

Thanks Scott,

I had to zero out the drives and reset the system back to factory to get the drives in the configuration that I wanted.

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