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FAS2240-2 setup

We have a FAS2240-2 with 24 disks and dual Processor Controller Modules.  We want to create 2 LACP dynamic groups. 

Wondering how to configure this in the OnTap setup for using the 4 Gigabit interfaces on each PCM, e0a - e0d.  We have 2 LACP-capable switches configured for this FAS2240-2, 4 ports on each switch...ports 15-18 on both switches.

Would I create the 2 Interface Groups and connect BOTH PCM's to the switches in the same fashion? 

example:   e0a on PCM1  connected to port 15 on Switch 1,   e0a on PCM2 connected to port 15 on Switch 2.

Does the OnTap software configure BOTH controllers the same when setting up the first controller?  or does the setup go back for the next controller? 

We watched "Installing the FAS2240" but have these questions after seeing it twice.


Re: FAS2240-2 setup

Two controllers are mostly independent. No configuration is propagated to partner; each is configured separately. For network failover you have to ensure that both controllers have access to the same VLANs and interfaces in the same VLANs are mutually marked as "partner". But physical configuration of these interfaces can be different.

In your case it makes sense to make configuration symmetrical, it is easy to administer. Keep in mind, that ports from different controllers cannot be in the same LACP port group, communication won't work.

Re: FAS2240-2 setup

Hi and welcome to the Community!

You need to configure both controllers (PCMs) independently - they need to have different IP addresses, as they are seen as two entities on the network. In a case of a failover, the surviving controller runs a virtual instance of a failed node. When you create vifs you also need to specify a partner vif, i.e. which vif needs to be failed over to it.

Normally you connect each controller to both switches for resiliency, so let's say e0a & e0b to switch 1, and e0c & e0d to switch 2, then the same on the second controller.



Re: FAS2240-2 setup

Thanks.  during the initial setup when asked how many groups, I selected 2,  then 2 ports each... if I were to use  e0a, e0c   on both controllers, how do I declare that when giving the  LINK NAMEs  ?

Re: FAS2240-2 setup

not sure wether I properly understand your question, but you can always specify vif members when creating/configuring it.

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we setup the first controller, using the command line setup when you power-on the first time.  We've rebooted and looked thru the command list via  ' ? '  but dont know how to configure the "partner" controller.

What command should we use, and is there a tutorial on that?  the "Installing the FAS2240" video helped with the initial configuration but didnt have steps to configure the partner controller.

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You configure each controller independently, so you need to repeat all steps after connecting to the second controller via its console port.

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thanks, i thought it was done via the same controller just using the Data OnTap O/S. 

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we are having trouble with controller port e0b.  when connected to the switch,  e0b  is set to  10td  not 1000  like the other 3 ports on that controller.

e0a: flags=0x9f0c867<BROADCAST,RUNNING,MULTICAST,TCPCKSUM> mtu 1500

        ether 02:a0:98:1a:83:4e (auto-1000t-fd-up) flowcontrol full

        trunked GRP1

e0b: flags=0x970c867<BROADCAST,RUNNING,MULTICAST,TCPCKSUM> mtu 1500

        ether 02:a0:98:1a:83:4e (auto-100tx-fd-down) flowcontrol full

        trunked GRP1

we ran this in the cmd line

     ifconfig e0b mediatype 1000fx

and get this output

     Warning: unsupported mediatype on e0b.  mediatype ignored

all other ports are 1000 so we're stuck why the OnTap o/s is forcing this and not allowing 1000

Re: FAS2240-2 setup


What if you try and swap the Ethernet cables connected to ports e0a and e0b. Does the link down condition follow the cable or is e0b still down?

Also, I just checked the manpage for ifconfig and it seems that you can set a 10/100/1000 port to 10 or 100 half or full duplex but there is no way to lock the speed to 1000. You need to go with mediatype auto if you want 1 gig.

If you haven't done so already, you might want to open up a support case to verify if the port is broken or not. That way you'll get the replacement part quicker if it's actually broken.