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FSRM replacement in OnCommand


IHAC whos is using FSRM stats intensively.

He plans to migrate to OnCommand to prepare ONTAP 8.1 migration.

We have seen that FSRM is EOA, but this product is still documented in OnCommand Operations Manager
and the Host Agent 2.7 is still available.

So could you give me and update of where we are going with this nice feature ?



Jean-François Marie


Re: FSRM replacement in OnCommand

Hi Jean,

     AFAIK, there wont be any feature enhanced except for bug fixes if any. Pls get it touch with the product manger for the roadmap and alternatives.



Re: FSRM replacement in OnCommand

who is the PM ?

Re: FSRM replacement in OnCommand

Hi Jean,

Did you manage to get in touch with the PM? Could you share with me what you've gathered from the PM?

I have an existing customer who is using FSRM too and I need to advise them on how to move forward.

Thank you.

Re: FSRM replacement in OnCommand

Add me to the list.  It is surprising that the whole infrastructure of 'netapp host agents' and FSRM reporting in OCUM is dropped.  I got a report on FSRM being EOA (end of availability?) suggesting to buy Symantec Data Insight, NTP File Auditor, etc.  But this is yet one more tool outside of OCUM framework.