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Finder returns non-existent volume

I have a curious issue and maybe somebody can help me. In my workflow for provisioning a vfiler I'd like to check if a volume exists before I create it. To achieve that I use a finder before the define command. The finder seems always to return that a volume exists even if it not there.

Then I tested the finder with reservation data checked and it finds the volume by name. If I uncheck reservation data in test he doesn't find it. What is the difference between tests with the reservation data checkbox checked or unchecked?

The volume existed from a former test and was deleted. I thought about a problem with the caching but it is refreshed every 5 minutes.

I also tried a different finder but the result stays the same.

I need the finder because I want to create several vfilers with different qtrees of the same volume. So the workflow has to check if that volume exists and only create it for the first vfiler on an array. Afterwards only the qtree for the vfiler has to be created on that volume.

Thanks in advance


Re: Finder returns non-existent volume

The volume could be present in reservation table. Checking a checkbox for reservation means that the resource will be reserved via reservation mechanism until one executes the workflow. Even when it's executed it will be there for certain time which is configurable. In case of removal also it might exist in the reservation table for certain time or till the next acquisition happens.

If your DFM is not updated with the latest information from storage systems; then as many as cache refresh will also not help setting the state of cache correctly. You might need to check your DFM for the existence of that volume.

You can do DFM volume list | findstr -i <volname>.

See if it helps.



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Re: Finder returns non-existent volume

Hi Tanmoy,

that was it. Thank you very much. There were several reservations left from failed workflow executions. I deleted them and now the finder works correctly.



Re: Finder returns non-existent volume

I don't think deleting is a good idea. We should use the reservation expiration knob to get rid off such intermittent issues. By default for failed workflows it is 2 days. Or cache acquisition should also help provided DFM source is correctly updated. Sometime if DFM is not updated, then cache acquisition will not help.

Btw, what do you mean by deletion here?


Re: Finder returns non-existent volume

I went to execution - reservations and deleted the jobs that held the volume I already deleted from the storage system.

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