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Finding base filer for a vfiler

I'm trying to write a script that will pull quota information given a UNC share path.  I've hit a road block when it comes to vFilers in trying to figure out how to resolve what the underlying filer is that is running the vFiler to issue the quota-report command to.  Does anyone know how I can resolve the underlying base filer hosting a vfiler programmatically outside of NetApp's System manager software?


Re: Finding base filer for a vfiler

I struggled with this as well.  The best I could come up with was to do a "vfiler status" on all the controllers, then look for the vfiler name and match it.  We only had a few controllers, so this wasn't too bad to do dynamically - but if you've got a big environment, maybe you could have a nightly job to list the vfilers, then pull from that list?


Re: Finding base filer for a vfiler

Thanks for the feedback Bill, but unfortunately the environment I'm interacting with has several thousand controllers.  In the end I ended up building a vFiler to controller lookup by using the host-list-info-iter-* commands on the DFM server to get a list of all vFilers and there controller and building a lookup dictionary in my code to use later on to look up the controller for a vFiler.

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