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Finding source of System Manager 2.0.1 logins to filers

Hey all,

We've got several admins with access to our filers, and we think one of them is still using the old 2.0.1 System Manager, creating issues with our environment.

Any suggestions on tracking down the source of System Manager access, i.e. the admin that's still using the older version?  Can we enable a log setting?  Is there a string we can grep for?




Re: Finding source of System Manager 2.0.1 logins to filers

System Manager logs are local to the machine on which it is installed. so the logs corresponding to the 2.0.1 will reside on the machine where 2.0.1 is installed.

AFAIK, there is no way to find out who exactly is using which version of System Manager to manage the controllers.

The only thing we can find out is which version was used to modify something using System Manager, that too via Autosupport logs ( provided autosuupport is enabled on the controller)



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