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GetValueAt2d issue - Hopefully silly mistake

Hello All,

Hopefully I am making a silly mistake, attached I have a workflow which worked fine, I added the create export rule command and a table to basically add a load of IP's to an export policy and now it doesnt, it seems to fail with the below error 


Failed to resolve expression 'getValueAt2D($rules, i1,1)'
Location: 'Create export rule' command > 'Export_Rule' tab > 'export_rule' variable > 'clientmatch' property


I have copied the table and create export rule bits from another workflow which is used to create export rules that works fine, I just cannot see why it doesnt work here, totally stuck with this.




Re: GetValueAt2d issue - Hopefully silly mistake

Dont seem to be able to upload the dar file so posted it here 

Re: GetValueAt2d issue - Hopefully silly mistake

Can you show us the row repetition you have set up for this command step?  It looks like i1 should be the Index variable, but typicall that is named Index1.  Make sure you are using the right variable name.





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