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Grafana, NAbox and calculating %read/write

So I am just getting started in the world of Grafana and using NAbox with grafana, graphite, and netapp harvest.


one metric I have not found in any of the dashboards which I know that gets discussed is % read and write.


How would one go about adding that to a Grafana dashboard? The calculation seems easy enough, for each time period add the read and write values, then do the divsion for read and write based on the total. I think...


Any pointers?


Re: Grafana, NAbox and calculating %read/write

Yes that would be fairly simple indeed.


I think usually you would find the panel that shows IOPS read and write.


You can either copy it (Click on title > left menu > Panel JSON, then paste it in a new one) or modify the one you see by "hiding" the read and write (and other...) series (click on the eye) and add another series that uses the "asPercent()" graphite function that's available in the menu.


The idea would be to mask what you don't need, and add the "total_ops" metric.


Once you have that, you add two series using the asPercent() graphite method, you end up with something like this, after adding metrics E, D and F


Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 15.41.46.png


Re: Grafana, NAbox and calculating %read/write

Thanks for the info..


I will look into adding that as it seems like something always asks about when wnating to calculate IOP capacity on a setup.


Re: Grafana, NAbox and calculating %read/write

That worked perfect.


Getting a much better understanding of what my workload is now for calculating available IOPs.

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