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Grafana don't show any metrics

Hey all,


We have installed 3 Servers:

1x Grafana

1x Graphite

1x NetApp Harvest


We can see that Harvest delivers the data to the graphite server. We see the data under /opt/carbon/whisper/netapp/poller/perf/<groupname>/<clustername>

The test of the connection from Grafana to Graphite under datasources is also successfull. But we don't see any data in the dashboards.

I checked multiple logfiles and I have no idea where the issue is located.


Could someone help me with that?





Re: Grafana don't show any metrics

I found the issue. graphite web pointed to another directory.

Re: Grafana don't show any metrics


can you suggest which config files were pointing to different files?



Re: Grafana don't show any metrics

Config files are not the issue, it's the path to the counter data that is expected by Grafana. The default is /opt/graphite/storage/whisper/netapp/{perf, capacity}. So in this situtation, you can either (1) change the graphite/carbon path, (2) you can create symbolic links or (3) you can change the paths in Grafana dashboards.

Re: Grafana don't show any metrics

In my case the config of graphite-web was not pointing to the right whisper folder.


I installed graphite via the yum package and changed the path from /var/lib/... to /opt/... but did not change the web config file.

Re: Grafana don't show any metrics

I have another issue, which I don't understand.


If I open the SVM dashboard I can see the groups the clusters, the SVMs and so on.


If I open the cluster dashboard, I can see the groups and nothing more.


Do you have an idea what the issue could be?

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