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Graphite Virtual Appliance OVA?

In this video we can see the deploy of Graphite-VA OVA.



Anyone knows where to find  the download link?


Re: Graphite Virtual Appliance OVA?

Im interested in this also.


It was mentioned on a Tech ONTAP podcast a while ago this was being worked on but they were pulling together some licesning details of the various components.


Was hoping it was ready to go when I saw your post.....fingers crossed somebody knows

Re: Graphite Virtual Appliance OVA?

Check this blog article, in here you find the video and the download links:


Best Regards



Re: Graphite Virtual Appliance OVA?

I dont see the OVA to download on there....ive been reading his articles this morning .


Seems to be seperate links for harvest, linux and gafana/graphite ?


There was meant to be a pre-built virtual appliance with it all pre=packaged ( the OVA ) ?

Re: Graphite Virtual Appliance OVA?



For NetApp to distribute the OVA we need to verify we have rights to distribute all software contained.  Given there is an OS in there with numerous packages that process is still ongoing.  So while the OVA exists, it is not something we can make available for download yet.  Contact your SE for more info.  


You can however install all the component parts yourself today.  I wrote up a blog of this and someone posted the link above, or here again, for convenience. 


Hope that helps and hope the OVA gets approved soon!


Chris Madden

Storage Architect, NetApp EMEA (and author of Harvest)

Blog: It all begins with data


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Re: Graphite Virtual Appliance OVA?

Thanks for the update Chris


we began our install last night following those instructions.....Ubuntu and Graphite done. Hoping to finish off the rest today.


Can't wait to get it up and running.



Re: Graphite Virtual Appliance OVA?

Well that was pretty painless.


Think it took us about 3 hours start to finish to install , and thats by a couple of Linux noobs.


What a brilliant tool....overwhelming at first the sheer amount of data preented , but a fantastic resource.


I just wonder why NetApp dont provide their own tools to give us all this info , I seem to have so many tools now (OCM,OPM,OCI,DFM ) and they all seem deficient in one area or another. And now I have another one 🙂

Re: Graphite Virtual Appliance OVA?

If not an OVA, maybe a Vagrantfile?  

Re: Graphite Virtual Appliance OVA?

Hi @madden 


are there any updates regarding OVA?






Re: Graphite Virtual Appliance OVA?

No update so far, sorry about that.


We still didn't find any simple solution that would satisfy both legal and technical team and as frustrating as it is, there is not much we can do.


For now you still have to turn to the your NetApp contact to get guidance on getting and deploying the OVA.

Re: Graphite Virtual Appliance OVA?

Yann created a easy deployable solution and maintains it. ===> Thank you Yann!

Re: Graphite Virtual Appliance OVA?

Anytime 🙂 everyone please provide any feedback you might have, test the betas if you can in your environment and help making NAbox even better!

Re: Graphite Virtual Appliance OVA?

Hello Yann,


Can you provide any update on NAbox v2.4.2 update regarding support of ONTAP 9.4 and Harvest 1.4.1?

I tried to update the Harvest from 1.4 to 1.4.1 on my NAbox, but after the update NAbox reports that no Harvest is installed at all. Fortunately, I could install Harvest 1.4  again so everything is working fine again but without ONTAP 9.4 Cluster supported.


Does NAbox v2.5b support both Harvest 1.4.1 and ONTAP 9.4?





Re: Graphite Virtual Appliance OVA?

Hi Ogi,


There is a problem with the packaging of NetApp Harvest 1.4.1 that will be solved soon.

In th emeantime you can unarchive the one you have on a linux machine, make the scripts executable (netapp-worker and netapp-manager) and recompress it, then it'll work.



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