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HDS VSP support


Can anyone tell me when we will fully support HDS VSP device in OCI ? USPV is ok but no VSP in OCI documentation and I've heard there are some issues.

Thanks for any help.




Re: HDS VSP support

We have supported the VSP for a long time. It will appear as model "R700" in OCI. We have a lot of customers successfully discovering VSPs / aka HP P9500.

What type of problems are you experiencing?

Re: HDS VSP support

Some SE told me not all datas are correctly imported in this tool from a VSP. And it's not specifically written in OCI documentation like USPV or AMS are.

I need confirmation before I propose a POC to some customers.



Re: HDS VSP support

I believe we have manually had "VSP" in the Support Matrix for a long time - HDS is a platform that returns internal model numbers instead of marketing names, so we discover it as a model "R700" instead of a "VSP"

Re: HDS VSP support

Hi matthieu,

VSP is supported in OCI since long time. My OCI environment have many VSP's some of them are configured more than a year. As mentioned by Matt, it is visible as R700 in family and model of storage arrays.

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