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Harvest 2.0 teaser screenshot

Dear Harvest community.


I have left a lot of questions unanswered in the past weeks, sorry for that, I'll try to catch up soon!

Meanwhile I want to share our very first testing of Harvest 2.0: here is how its poll runtime compares to Harvest 1.6.1.


Screenshot from 2020-03-03 11-10-47__.png


At the moment we are working on integrating with PrometheusDB. We'll keep you updated!


Re: Harvest 2.0 teaser screenshot

Looking forward to this! What's the implementation look like will Harvest be an exporter in Prometheus and added the same one would say Blackbox? 

When is the expected release date? Possible to alpha/beta now for eager customers?

Re: Harvest 2.0 teaser screenshot

Hi @eespin, thanks for your comment and excuse me for my (chronically) late response. Harvest will not be an exporter in Prometheus, but will start an HTTP service for Prometheus to scrape the metrics. This was a bit harder to implement, but we did that since we want to be able to send metrics to other datasources (such as Graphite) as well, so Harvest needs to stay independent from Prometheus.


I am anticipating that we will have a canary release in mid-May, so eager customers can test it right away (we are also eager to get customer feedback from our side). But this depends on how smoothly things will go in the next 2-3 weeks. At the moment we already have a prototype running with Prometheus and so far things seem promising 🙂

Re: Harvest 2.0 teaser screenshot

Awesome news we would love to give feedback as well!

Re: Harvest 2.0 teaser screenshot

Cool Work - i love 2 see Harvest 2.0 soon in our Environment.

Do you have News on the Release Date?

Re: Harvest 2.0 teaser screenshot

Thanks!! I don't have a date at the moment. But I'll try to give you at least some update on our progress the coming few days.

Re: Harvest 2.0 teaser screenshot

Will this be something that can be deployed in Kubernetes or would it be a standalone server?

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