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Health Check Trends

Hi Operations Manager Community Team,

I am looking at generating a health check report on a monthly basis from the Ops Manager Gui/Server. The details that I am looking at generating are

1. No of disks failed in past month.

2. Aggreate usage/growth in terms of percentrage

3.Snapvault lags, snapmirror broken if any

4. No of disks added in the past month.

5.CPU utilization in a graph.

Can I generate a report from the DFM server. Can you share some steps to do that.




Re: Health Check Trends


Without any scripting I'm not that DFM OpsManager OneCommand can generate these kind of repport.

My point of view:

the 2nd and last one repport is generatable with DFM

for the other few SDK scripts witch request Event / Disk etc ... and store information in a weekly file (less stress for dfm if you have many events) and monthly generate repport.



Re: Health Check Trends

Thanks for the reponse CGA. Where can I find the SDK script?

Re: Health Check Trends

SDK is the software development kit. You will have to churn your own script.



Re: Health Check Trends


For SDK please read with article

In your case I think the api to use the apis event, parse the new event since a date and determine witch are about disk and relation-ship


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Re: Health Check Trends

Thanks Adai & Christophe

Re: Health Check Trends

What is the success rate in %age of command disk maint 1a.xx.xx??

waiting for your technical answer.

how many chances are there for failure and success??

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