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Hiding user inputs

How do we hide a user input field.  I'm basically editing the VMware NFS Datastore creation workflow.  I need to the vCenter IP address in the workflow however I don't need users to see this input field, only the clusters on the vCenter field.  Is there a way to make variable invisible to the users of the workflow while maintain the flexibility that variables give us?


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               So unless they are build into your functions as defaults and not required I don't think you can currently do this.

Re: Hiding user inputs

Can the usage of Workflow constants help here?

Re: Hiding user inputs

I've looked at both constants and functions.  I think the function would be the best way to go but it doesn't appear to be able to be used in a SQL query.  I think I'm going to have to figure a way to have the workflow write to the playground database and work off that. 

Does anyone happen to have an example of having a workflow write to the playground  database?

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Hi knorman,

Here is the link to the discussion about accessing playground database

Currently .net and perl connectors for mysql database have not been bundled, they will be bundled by default in the next release of WFA.



Re: Hiding user inputs


Re: Hiding user inputs

i did something similar and when you know your input ... put it in quote  

cluster name or ip adress*: 'your cluster name'   if you don't want to use $xxxxx   you have to add your date in quote

Re: Hiding user inputs

If you don't want your user variables invisible in UI, then you have to hard code the values in command instance variables field in single quotes (ex: ip address as '10.238.x.x') , this way you prevent the variables to come up into the UI.

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