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How create OnCommand events

Hi all,

how can I create OnCommand events?

Is there a SDK or a tool that can create events from another server.

SnapCreator can do this but I have Scripts doing something an they should create the event for reporting.

Thanks all



Re: How create OnCommand events

Hi Michael,

You can use "dfm event generate" CLI or NMSDK API "event-generate" to generate custom/built in events:

[root@oncommand ~]# dfm event generate help



    generate -- generate a particular user-defined event



    dfm event generate [ -t <timestamp> ] <event-name> <source> [ <event-message> ]



    This command is used to generate custom events. Script plugins can

    use the command to generate built-in script status events such as

    script:warning-event. This command cannot be used to generate other

    built-in events.


    timestamp: specifies the event generation time in

    YYYY-MM-DD,HH:MM:SS format.

    If not specified, the time when the command is invoked is used.

    event-name: specifies the name of the event.

    source: specifies ID/name of source object of the event.

    event-message: A message specific to this event.

    This message will be displayed as part of event details.



Re: How create OnCommand events

Hi Amir,

thank you for advice.

I have now found a solution for my problem.

Within the netapp-manageability-sdk-5.0 I found the tool apitest.exe. With this tool I can create ZAPI call directed to OnCommand.

Syntax generating custom event:

apitest -t dfm username password event-generate event-name script:information-event source 1 event-message "SUCCESS: Backupscript xxx"

This way I can send from any system events to OnCommand. :-)



Re: How create OnCommand events

Hi Machael,

Good to know that you found the utility that fits your requirement.

Now that you have latest NMSDK 5.0 you may be also interested in knowing that NMSDK has improved ZAPI explorer through which not only you can execute and see the APIs for OnCommand and ONTAP but also create workflows using new ZExplorer Developer Interface(ZEDI) without actually writing a single line of code yourself! You can find ZEDI under <NMSDK_INTALL_PATH>\zedi\zexplore.

For demo on ZEDI and more please see