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How do I Delete an iSCSI initiator

Hello all,


I have OnCommand System Manager 2.2.


I was toying with the iSCSI configuration options under Protocols and setup some demo/test Initiators.   Now I'd like to clean up my testing and begin anew with lessons learned.  However, I can't figure out how to delete the demo/test stuff I created.   How is this done?


Kinds regards.


Re: How do I Delete an iSCSI initiator

Are you managing a 7-mode system or cDOT?  Also, why are you using 2.2 still?  I believe 3.1.2 was the last version released before cDOT started embedding System Manager into the platform.

Re: How do I Delete an iSCSI initiator

It is a 7-Mode.  And I'm using 2.2 because it is all I have.  It is a long process to get the latest version of software through the red tape and sneaker-netted to this network.   I should get that process started though and get upgraded. 

Re: How do I Delete an iSCSI initiator

Navigate under Filer -> Storage -> LUNs and click the Initiator Groups tab.  If you edit an igroup here, you should see the tab for initiators that you can delete them from.



Re: How do I Delete an iSCSI initiator

Actually you don't need to upgrade if it's 7mode only.


System Manager 3.x has two sets of binaries, one for 7mode and one for cDOT.

The Binary for 7mode is identical to 2.2, so the goodness of newer versions only applies to managiung cDOT.

There are no new features in SM3.1.2 over SM2.2 in 7mode. The only thing changed are possible security valurabilities and Java/browser support for the web server component.


Regards, Niels

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