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How many folks are running OnCommand in a large setting

My questions are for those folks that are running OnCommand in a large enterprise setting.

How did you like the setup?

Doesnt look like this will do auto discovery and you must know every IP address of your filers

Do you find this software helpful or just another fancy dashboard?

I am looking to turn around a storage team and get the North American filers under some form of centralized monitoring.

Looking at several products for this

Logicmonitor really looked cool with lots of monitoring capabilities


Re: How many folks are running OnCommand in a large setting

OnCommand does auto-discovery which by default is turned on. Do check whats your values for this options.

Also when adding a controller, the corresponding subnet is also added, unless you use the -N option in the add command.

[root@10 ~]# dfm options list | grep -i discover

discoverAgents                        Enabled

discoverClusters                      Enabled

discoverEnabled                       Enabled

discoverHostInitEnabled               Enabled

discoverHosts                         Enabled

discoverInterval                      15 minutes

discoverNetworks                      Disabled

discoverSAN                           Enabled

discoverTimeout                       5 seconds

discoverVfilers                       Enabled