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How to Remove TimeZone in SnapShot Name

Dear all,

Since DFM 4.0.1 migration to One Command I have in my SnapShot name + or - and Lag with GMT TimeZone

There is a solution to modify the %T (TimeStamp) content for SnapShot Naming.




Re: How to Remove TimeZone in SnapShot Name

Hi Christophe

I am now in the same Situations as you.. Do you have found a Solution for the Timestamp setting in OnCommand?



Re: How to Remove TimeZone in SnapShot Name

As far as i know %T is a mandatory setting and cannot be changed. Unless you use the script to generate your snapshot names.Below is the options for the same.

[root ~]# dfm options list dpSnapNameOption

Option           Value

---------------- ------------------------------

dpSnapNameOption global-format

[root ~]# dfm options set dpSnapNameOption=junk

Error: dpSnapNameOption: junk must be global-script or global-format.

[root~]# dfm options list | grep -i dpsnap

dpSnapNameFormat                      %T_%R_%L_%H_%N_%A

dpSnapNameOption                      global-format



dpSnapNameOption: Naming option for snapshots in Protection Man-

           ager. The value can either be global-format or global-script.  When

           user sets the value as global-format, they can specify the format

           in dfm global option dpSnapNameFormat. When the user sets the value

           as global-script, they can specify a script path in the dfm global

           option dpSnapNameScriptPath and the user account in option dpSnap-


           dpSnapNameScriptPath: Absolute path to the script that will gener-

           ate the snapshot name to be created by protection capability of

           OnCommand.  Path can only be 127 characters long.  Snapshot name

           length can only be 124 characters long. Name would be truncated if

           it exceeds that limit. For name collisions, numeric suffix would be

           added at the end of the snapshots. Snapshot name can have ASCII

           alphabets, ASCII numbers, underscore â_â, hyphen â-â, plus sign â+â

           and a dot â.â. All other characters will be converted to character


           dpSnapNameScriptRunAs: On Unix systems, user account to run the

           script specified in the option dpSnapNameScriptPath. It can only be

           64 characters long.



Re: How to Remove TimeZone in SnapShot Name

Hi Thomas,

    BTW, Why do you want to remove the timezone setting. Can you explain the same ?



Re: How to Remove TimeZone in SnapShot Name

Hi adai

Thanks for your answer..

It's not a technical need. Its just cosmetic, because I don't like long snapshot Names. With the Oncommand Software it doesn't matter

how long the snapshot Names are, but with CLI its simpler with short snapshot Names.



Re: How to Remove TimeZone in SnapShot Name

Hi Adai

It gives a Problem with the Timezone (fe +0200) in the Snapshotname. Operations Manager is not able anymore to access the snapshot:

Snapshot Name created within Protection Manager: 


Error Message from Restore Wizard from Operations Manager, because of the + in the snapshotname:

Error: Error: Can't retrieve the list of files that can be restored: Can't list the content of the backup directory /vol/Volume/userhomes on vfiler:/Volume_backup. The reason is Unable to open directory /vol/Volume_backup/userhomes/.snapshot/2012-06-06_2000 0200_daily/: No such file or directory..

When I take a snapshot without a + in the Name (fe snapvault snapshot --> Filer(000000000000)_Volume_backup-base.300) Operations Manager has no Problem to List the Files in the snapshot.....

Do you Know this behaviour?



Re: How to Remove TimeZone in SnapShot Name

Hi Thomas,

     Can you paste a screen shot ?  As I am little confused of what you refer to by Operations Manager. Is it the web UI ? Or the JAVA Thick client NMC ?



Re: How to Remove TimeZone in SnapShot Name

Hi  Thomas,

     I tried the same and I am able to do it without this error in case of vfiler volumes and snapshots.Below is my snapshot name.

fas-sim-1*> vfiler run vFiler_Src snap list vfilerSnapshotName

===== vFiler_Src

Volume vfilerSnapshotName


  %/used       %/total  date          name

----------  ----------  ------------  --------

  1% ( 1%)    0% ( 0%)  Jun 03 14:02  dfpm_base(vfilerSnapshotName.474)conn1.0 (snapvault,acs)

  2% ( 1%)    0% ( 0%)  Jun 03 14:02  2012-06-09_0309+0530_daily_vfilerSnapshotName_vFiler_Src_vfilerSnapshotName_.-.wfa_treeq

  3% ( 1%)    1% ( 0%)  Jun 03 13:53  2012-06-09_0300+0530_hourly_vfilerSnapshotName_vFiler_Src_vfilerSnapshotName_.-.wfa_treeq


Whats interesting in your snapshot name is that it doesnt have a + 2012-06-06_2000 0200_daily

Tried doing the same to my snapshot name and am able to hit the error you mentioned.

2012-06-09_0309 0530_daily_vfilerSnapshotName_vFiler_Src_vfilerSnapshotName_.-.wfa_treeq



Re: How to Remove TimeZone in SnapShot Name

Hi Adai

The Problem appear in the WebUi of Operations Manager. I have attached two screenshots. The first Screenshot shows the Step, who I select the snapshot and the second one shows the Error..



Re: How to Remove TimeZone in SnapShot Name

HI Adaikkappan,

Regarding the global-script can you provide us a kind of sample or an how-to

Output format etc..

Can we use in the name few informations like %R %L %H %N %A?