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How to hot-adding multipath?

Hi, i have a FAS3020 with a single path for each tray (shelf), and I want to add a second path. How can I perform this process?. I need know if I can plug new path with the system up.

In advanced, thank you.


How to hot-adding multipath?

What model of disk shelves do you have?

How to hot-adding multipath?

We have disk shelf ESH4 and ESH2, DS14-Mk4-FC and DS14-Mk2-FC respectively.

Thank you.

How to hot-adding multipath?

Ok great - go to this document

and you will want to cable exactly as you see in the "Cabling for a Standard Active/Active Configuration" diagram so that each controller will have an "IN" connection to both shelves.  This is so that in the event of a failover there is an alternate second Fibre Channel path to the shelf. 

In general FC is very forgiving of hot plugging new paths but I have to put the disclaimer here that in your case since you have two different shelf types (one of which I think is now EOL)  you should log a case with NGS to make sure there are no known problems in this scenario with your version of ONTAP and firmware levels.