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How to launch a Workflow from CLI

Hi folk,

Anybody knows how to launch a WFA Workflow from a CLI (not on the WFA server).

Using the REST API is the only way ? If yes, how can use this API from a simple way (like wget for instance)?

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Re: How to launch a Workflow from CLI


       WFA provides REST and also SOAP APIs for workflow execution. Attaching a powershell script ( originally written by Mirko ) which can be used to execute WFA workflows from any Remote Windows host to execute workflows on the wfa server.

It has an interactive CLI session i.e. it lists all workflows for you, you select the workflow ID, its asks for parameters, you provide those, it executes it constantly providing the execution status.

Modify the username, password, and wfaserver variables as per your setup.

warm regards,

Abhishek Sinha

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Re: How to launch a Workflow from CLI

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