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How to optimize FC auto resolution

We have a lot of switches and, unfortunately, a lot of naming conventions used for alias and zones.

So we created a lot of rules in order to capture all wwns.

The limit with this is that the Device resolution page need 2-3 minutes to be created.

With Developper tools I saw this is because a json is created with the report of every rule for all of the wwns ( so about 30000 * 27 rows only for that ).

Is there a way to check what are the most used rules and optimize them?

Thanks in advance for the help


Re: How to optimize FC auto resolution

Hi there!


Certainly sounds like you have a very large environment. Normal course of action would be to create a case complaining of the long time it takes to load that aspect of the UI. There may not be an immediate resolution, but your account team can help have the issue escalated to an eventual resolution. Do you have a TAM or SAM from NetApp assigned to your account?


Re: How to optimize FC auto resolution

Hi Alex, 

yes it's true. We have a large environment ( > 16000 ports ) and we have alreay also open a case for that.

Thanks for your help

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