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How to rename a controller in DFM reports?


I have multiple DFM servers in our infrastructure, but I have a single DFM server that seems to have an issue with just a single pair of controllers.  This DFM instance shows my controllers in one site properly within DFM - if I go into DFM, go to global, then view the physical controllers it is there with the proper name.  However, any storage reports I send from this DFM install are showing the IP address of these two controllers instead of the hostname.  In my reports, if I have the column Aggregate Storage System (A), two of my controllers show IP addresses - the other controllers do not.  I am hoping that this is something that can be easily remedied - I don't see how to do this from the dfm CLI or GUI, so I am looking for some guidance on this.




Re: How to rename a controller in DFM reports?

Hi Michael,

Can you get the version of DFM/OCUM you are running along with the dfm report column names. The same can be got by this cli.

dfm report view <report-name> help.



Re: How to rename a controller in DFM reports?

Sure, the column names that report this IP address are:

Aggregate Storage System (A)

Volume Full Name

Storage System Name

As for the version, it is 5.1:

dfm version

dfm 5.1 (5.1)