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How to share 'Storage system name' list?

If you have a large number of controllers in your System Manager 'Storage system name' list (showing IP-addrs, status, type, etc) ... is there a way to share that list with other admins who have also installed SysMan but don't want to go through the one-by-one 'Add' process. Where is that data stored and is there a supported, or even unsupported back-door method to copy/share that info?


Re: How to share 'Storage system name' list?

System Manager's config file is located at -

C:\Documents and Settings\<Username>\NetApp\SystemManager\SystemManager.config

If you copy the config file to a different system, you should get all the details on the destination pc

Note: NetApp does not recommending copying/manually editing config files as you could lose access to the application if the config file gets corrupted



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