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Huawei Ocenstor & OCI

Hey all,


If you are an OCI customer, and are looking to add Huawei OceanStor support, please contact me as we are starting a beta datasource process with OCI 7.1.x






Re: Huawei Ocenstor & OCI

Thanks Ostiguy, for sharing this information.



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Re: Huawei Ocenstor & OCI

Is there any patch to add Huawei Oceanstor data source to OCI 7.1?

Re: Huawei Ocenstor & OCI

If you install OCI 7.1.4, or Data Source Service Pack 4 for OCI, you will have the ability to create Huawei datasources in OCI.


Your OceanStor arrays need to support their REST API.


What model arrays do you have?

Re: Huawei Ocenstor & OCI

Thanks to the reply


We have OceanStor 5300 V3

Re: Huawei Ocenstor & OCI

I am pretty certain that all 5300 v3 support their REST API, so you should be able to get inventory and capacity information.


We do not currently have performance support - last time we looked at the OceanStor REST API, there were not bulk performance API calls available, so we would need to make requests for each volume's statistics, and potentially for each statistic for each volume. Thus, OCI may not be able to retrieve performance data quickly enough to be very useful

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